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September 14, 2006

Question about marketing research tools

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Received an email from Mike W. in Illionis wanting to know how to use some of the tools in the research center. In particular he wanted to know where he could get some marketing information quickly. Since he sells insurance, I’ll concentrate on getting data for that first, but I’ll also point out a couple of other useful tools for others.

Mike, go into the Research Center at and click on the “research tools” button. There you’ll find a link that says “Demographic Information by Zip Code.” You’ll find a ton of great stuff here if you’ll put in a zip code you want to investigate.

I entered 77450, the zip code I live in. What did I find? I found the total number of people who live in the zip code and the total number of households, compared to the national total of persons and households. This information was broken down by race and gender. In addition I found the median family income for the zip code, again compared against the national average. Income was broken down between the % of households making less than 50K, the % making between 50-100k, and the % making above 100k. It also gave me the median price of a home in this zip code.

So, Mike, if I’m looking for a place to market, this zip code just might fit the bill. I find that the median family income for the zip code is just shy of $110,000; there are a ton of households making above 50k and the majority of households are young–median age about 34. Wow! Young families with kids making good incomes. Think they might need and want insurance?

For others, let me point out a couple of other tools. There are actually dozens and dozens of useful tools for reseaching individuals, public and private companies, executives, economic, demographic and marketing data, but we can’t go through them all, so I’ll take two, both in the same section of the website:

List of Lists: Great prospect finder. Hundreds of lists of top companies for almost anything. Want to know the top 100 up and coming small companies? There here. Want to know the top 100 tech companies? There here. Want to know the top manufacturing companies? Financial? Healthcare? You name it. Fastest growing? here too. As a matter of fact, you’ll find information on thousands of companies in virtually every field there is. All with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How about you folks that sell to licensed professionals–or could sell to them? Like attorneys? Real estate appraisers? Hairdressers? Pest control? Realtors? Or anyone else you can think of who has to have a license to work? You can find every single one of them by going to the same page in the Research Center and finding the state links under Professional License Holders. Click on a state, find the license you want to investigage and find every surveyor in Florida. Find every notary in Kansas. Find every realtor in Illinois. Find every whatever in every state. Think doctors would like your product? Find ’em all. Got something just for couriers? Get everyone of them on your list.

Investigate the other tools that are in the Research Center. There are thousands of tools that can make your marketing and your business so much easier, less time consuming, and more profitable. And the best part is almost very tool on the site is free!

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