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November 15, 2006

Year End Training

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Have you given serious consideration to what your sales team will be doing 6 months from now? Will they be in the same position they are today? Will they have been given the tools and training they need to advance–or will they be slowly drowning in a slower economy?

What you do today will determine what your sales team will be doing 6, 8 and 12 months from now. The sad fact is that most companies do not provide nearly enough sales training to their sales force. Most training is product related, not sales related. But the vast majority of salespeople need more sales training, not more product training.

When was the last time you brought in true experts to train your team? Not the company training department, but real, honest to goodness experts in their field?

If you have brought in experts, what was their field? Cold calling? Marketing via direct mail? Advertising? Email marketing? Maybe, developing a consulting relationship with the client? Or, possibly, personal branding techniques? All of these are great training topics and all require a true expert in their area. Yet, few companies provide this training.

It is possible for your company to provide highly individualized training for each of your salespeople. Dozens and dozens of specialized training companies now offer “public” teleseminars. Companies, such as McCord and Associates, offer teleseminars where one or more of your salespeople can register for a training course that meets their specific needs, saving the company thousands of training dollars, yet giving each of your salespeople exactly the training they need.

Have someone who is weak in closing? No problem, there are dozens of teleseminars they can register for. Have someone who needs to learn how to generate a large number of referrals? No problem, they can register for one of our courses. Have another salesperson who needs help managing their time and energy? Again, no problem, there are dozens of courses. Three salespeople with three different problems. Each problem is a major issue for that particular salesperson. In the past, if you really wanted to deal with your sales team’s issues, you’d have had to have had three different experts come in and train all of your people in their area of expertise. Assuming each trainer charged $3,000 for a days training, you’d have spent $9,000. Now, you can register your salespeople in the specific courses they need and save your company a tremendous amount of money and your sales team time. Suppose your team consists of 30 people and in the past you’d have spent $9,000 on three courses of training. Now, thanks to teleseminars, you could have each of your salespeople register for 3 seminars each, maybe covering a total of 15 different subjects and each seminar costing $99 (a fair average for teleseminars) and spend virtually the same amount of money but get custom training to meet exactly the individual needs of each salesperson. Same amount of money, same amount of time for each salesperson, but highly targeted training.

Take a hard look at each member of your team and the specific training each needs. Then plan an individual first quarter training program that will turn each individual salesperson into a much stronger, more productive salesperson. Use the resources at hand–and teleseminars is one of the easiest, most cost efficient and effective training resources you have.

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