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November 17, 2006

The Need to Act Quickly

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A very recent incident in my office reminded me of the need to act quickly when an employee steps out of line. One of my employees, while having a bad day, made some uncalled for comments to one of our vendors. Her words were bad enough, but her tone of voice was even worse.

Discipline within the organization is subject that needs to be ever on your mind. The way your employees treat their fellow employees, vendors, customers and others have a very direct bering on your business, your paycheck and your health. This unfortunate incident brought that home again.

Her disciple was quick and stiff. In the past she has been a model employee and termination wasn’t called for, but a swift and difinitive response was. I sincerely doubt I’ll have another issue with her–and hopefully with none of my other employees. Her example was sufficient enough to redirect anyone who might have had an inclination to step out of line.

Be mindful of the folks that work for you and remember, the one you least expect it can be the one who destroys your business.

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