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December 1, 2006

Finding New Prospects for the New Year

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As a new year quickly approaches, most of us are wondering where we’re going to find our new prospects in 2007. The real question you must answer is–how are you going to change our behaviour and business in 2007? Are you going to continue down the same path you have in the past? The signs indicate that selling may be much tougher by the end of 2007 than it is today. Are you prepared for a tougher sales environment? Do you have a plan and process in place that will ensure that your sales don’t suffer and that, in fact, your sales grow? If you are like 85% of salespeople, your honest answer will be NO.

How do I know the answer? Because statistics show that less than 15% of ALL salespeople generate enough quality referrals from their prospects and clients to impact their sales and income. Unless you happen to be in that 15%, you are insulated from a sales slowdown. You are, in fact, perfectly situated to suffer a severe decline in your sales–possibly enough to put you out of buisness.

The people who successfully negotiate sales slowdowns are the referral-based salespeople. Those who must rely on cold calling, sending out mass direct mail and e-mail pieces, advertise, try to “network” through events and the other standard prospecting methods are the ones who bear the brunt of economic slowdowns, not the referral-based professionals.

So, what is their “secret?” They don’t have a secret–they have simply learned how to successfully create a relationship with their client and prospect that results in their getting a large number of highly qualified referrals. Referral generation is a process that starts the second they meet a prospect, not a one-time act that is done after the sale has been completed. They simply have a process that is the exact reverse of what most salespeople do. They have learned and implemented the techniques and strategies that work–and you haven’t. It’s that simple.

But you can–and if you want to survive the upcoming slowdown, you must learn to do business the way they do. You can through my bestselling book, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals. In the book I teach, in-detail, exactly how the true million dollars a year sales superstars generate their huge volume of referred business. These techniques and strategies work for them and they’ll work for you. As Stu Taylor, the nationally syndicated, award winning host of Stu Taylor on Business and Equity Strategies radio programs says: “This is one of those books that every salesperson should read and keep by their desk and refer to often. This is a career changing book.”

The book is quickly becoming the authoritative text on referral generation because it is the only book that explains in detail both the psychology of referral generation and the “how to” of referral generation. It really is, as Stu says, “a must have” book. You can purchase a copy at your local bookstore or through any on-line bookseller such as Amazon, Wal Mart, Barnes and Noble, BooksaMillion, Powell’s, or hundreds of others.

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