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December 17, 2006

Some Useful Resources

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I’ve had a couple of folks ask about where to find some useful resources on the web, so I thought I’d address that here. The resouces below have proven to be consistenly good places to find information: ( MarketingProfs is a paid membership based community of marketing and sales executives. Most of the content is premium, meaning you must pay the membership fee, but some is avaiable to all. The articles and seminars are premium content, but the forum is open–unless you want to ask a question, then you must join (that level of membership is free, I believe). The forum is very active and generally has questions asked by salespeople and small business owners on specific marketing–and some sales–questions. The answers are for the most part excellent. Some of the questions are technical marketing questions, but most come from real humans like us. Check out the forum and you’ll find some great marketing advice. For disclosure purposes, I do write a monthly column for MarketingProfs, but I would certainly recommend it anyway. ( Like MarketingProfs, this is a paid membership based community. But it is geared toward salespeople. The content is article, blog and some seminar based. Articles are written by top sales trainers from all aspects of sales. Yes, I am a regular contributor, but I would recommend it evern if I wasn’t.

Top Sales Newsletters ( A site that has selected ten of the best sales and sales training newsletters and put the subscription form in one place. You can subscribe to one or all with just one, easy, two-line form. Takes less than a minute to subscribe to the best newsletters you can find. Newsletters by Dave Anderson, Jill Konrath, me, Michael Port, Kelley Robertson, Dan Seidman, Andrew Sobel, Dr. Joe Vitale, Frank Rumbauskas, and Wendy Weiss.

TheWarriorForum ( Site that concentrates on helping its members learn and improve their internet marketing skills. Very active. As most of the content is member contributed, you’ll find some great stuff–and some real trash. So, be careful, but in general, it’s a good site if you market on the net.

Sales Pro Secrets Forum: ( A forum hosted by Frank Rumbauskas that concentrates on the sales methods of the Sales Pros.

Business Research Database: ( Free site with thousands of tools and resources to help salespeople, professionals, and business owners research prospects, competitors, and industries, as well as doing in-depth marketing and demographic research.

I’ll be posting more resources as them come up. Certainly, if you have favorite resource sites, please let me know. Just send me an email at

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