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January 13, 2007

Are You Ready for Hard Selling Times?

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A few weeks before the last election I had sent out an alert to my corporate clients and included that alert in my newsletter. The alert warned that the economy would be slowing down sometime in the coming months and those salespeople and sales teams needed to be preparing themselves for a more difficult sales climate. My reasoning was two fold: first, and short-term, there was a real chance that if the Democrats gained control of Congress they would increase taxes–either through a tax increase of by rolling back some of the tax breaks that had been passed by Bush–causing the economy to slow; or, secondly, long-term, by the natural course of the economy slowing down over a period of time and in reaction to both national and international conditions.

This alert resulted in a number of people electing to unsubscribe to the newsletter and I received a dressing-down from several people who accused me of trying to campaign for the Republicans. In addition, I received a couple of emails from some apparently relatively young MBA’s letting me know that I, like many from my generation, didn’t understand the new economy and that the old rules didn’t apply any longer. There was no reason, according to them, for the economy to ever slow again.

Being hardheaded–and simply observing the world and employing a little common sense, I believe it is again time to speak that alert. Congress has made some arrangements that will allow them to increase taxes if they so desire (over the Republican’s objections) and there is no reason to believe these moves do not indicate future intent. Although I am not an economist and make no such claims, a simple review of history demonstrates our current strong economy is a direct result of the Bush tax cuts. Just as happened in the Kennedy and Reagan administrations, tax cuts resulted in a hot economy. Putting dampers on that economy by increasing taxes and decreasing capital will have the opposite effect.

Now, the subject of this isn’t really economics, but preparation for a slower selling environment. Over the coming months–who knows if we’re talking 6 months, a year, two years?–salespeople are going to find it more and more difficult to find good, qualified prospects who want to buy. If you prospect via cold calling, direct mail, advertising, or any of the other mass marketing methods, you’re either going to end up out of business or have to dedicate considerably more dollars to your marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are solutions that can help prepare you for a slowdown and actually increase your income in a slower economy. By learning how the true million dollars a year sales superstars generate their huge volume of referral business, you can learn to find a large number of highly qualified prospects from your current client database, just like the mega-producers. Now, while you have time to prepare yourself for the future, is the time to purchase, read and then implement the tools, techniques and strategies in Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals. The only effective, cost efficient and proven method of overcoming a sales slowdown is the way the top salespeople do it–by getting lots of quality referrals.

Why do these top producers get so many great referrals? It isn’t because they are lucky. Moreover, it isn’t because they just happen to have clients who know other people or companies that happen to need the producer’s products or services. It is because they don’t do business like you do. Their business, their techniques and strategies and their relationship with their client is totally different from yours. And basically, what it comes down to is–their techniques and strategies work and yours don’t. Take the time and the effort to invest in your career–your future. Now is the time because next year, if you don’t do it now, you may not be in business.

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