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February 17, 2007

How simple can it get?

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Received an email from Tom in Colorado asking about how the million dollars a year income salespeople generate their huge volume of business.  His question isn’t about the techniques and strategies they use, his question is how they can possibly do it.  The inference is that there just isn’t anyway for anyone to make that kind of money selling. 

I found the question to be very interesting.  I thought everyone knew at least one person in sales making that kind of money–knew them either personally or through reputation.  However, Tom doesn’t seem to think any of those folks actually exist.  I wonder how common this misconception is?  There are thousands of people making a million dollars a year in sales from dozens and dozens of industries.  Of course, these folks are uncommon–they are at the very top of their industry.  But they exist–and as a whole, in large numbers. 

But the real crux of Tom’s question is how can a person sell that much?  Well, they don’t do business the way most salespeople do business, they don’t think the way most salespeople think and they don’t market the way most salespeople market.  For example, when a typical mortgage loan officer gets up in the morning they wonder where they’re going to get a loan that day.  When the mega-producer gets up in the morning, they wonder where they’re going to get 15 loans that day.  When the typical loan officer goes to bed that night, they haven’t found their one loan and they spend a restless night wondering why.  When the mega-producer goes to bed that night, they have found their 15 loans and can sleep well. 

So, how does one get to be like the mega-producers?  Do what they do.  Learn what they know.  Act the way they act.  Simply follow their lead. 

So, what’ the problem?  If it is that simple why isn’t everyone a mega-producer?  That’s simple to answer also.  Every salesperson wants to know the “secrets” of the mega-producers.  Nevertheless, once they learn what the mega-producers know, they decide they know better and have a better way of doing things.  Their attitude is “No thanks, I know a better way.”  Therefore, instead of doing what the mega-producers do to succeed, they go off on their own, do what they want–and fail, just as they had before.  Or, they decide that what the mega-producers do is just plain too much work and they are too darn lazy to emulate what the million dollars a year folks are doing. 

Either way–because of their arrogance or their laziness, they won’t ever get past being average or maybe slightly above average.  It isn’t because the training isn’t available.  It isn’t because the mega-producer has some great-unknown secret.  It is simply because most salespeople choose not to do what works.  It really is that simple. 

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