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June 5, 2007

It’s True, Selling Sucks

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My friend, Frank Rumbauskas, the New York Times Best-selling author of Never Cold Call Again, releases his newest book today–Selling Sucks: How to Stop Selling and Start Getting Prospects to Buy.”

Frank has analyzed the ways that the Top Sales Pros generate their huge volume of business. 

They don’t sell.

People hate to be sold–but most people love to buy.  And that is exactly what the Top Sales Pros do–they let the customer buy.

Frank has partnered with dozens of top sales trainers, coaches, and internet marketing specialists to offer some “ethical bribes” to help you make the easy decision to purchase the book today at Amazon.  By investing less than $15 in your sales career by buying Frank’s book, you will receive over $5,000 of incentives from top trainers like Michael Port, Jeffrey Gitomer, Mark Joyner, myself and many others.

Go to to get the details and see some of the bonuses you get when you buy the book.

But the incentives aren’t the reason to purchase the book today.  The real reason is because the book is good–period.  The book reveals the stratgies these top producers use and how you can use them also.  Buy the book because it can change your career–and then take advantage of all of the other bonuses that are icing on the cake.

Is your career worth $15?  Is your success worth a hamburger, fries and a couple of beers at Chilies?  I would certainly hope so.  If money’s tight, maybe you skip a couple of Burger King stops this month.  It’s worth it–it’ll move you from Burger King, to Steak and Ale, to Ruth’s Chris in just a matter of months.

Disclaimer:  Yes, Frank features my book prominately in his chapter on referrals.  But even if he hadn’t, I’d still be strongly recommending his book.  So, don’t think this is pay-back or anything of the sort.  It’s just plain a great book and one that should be read and studied if you’re serious about your sales career.

Learn more at you’ll be rewarded for your effort and your small investment many times over.

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