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July 25, 2007

Would You Like to Know What Your Prospect Is Thinking? You Can.

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Understanding when your customer isn’t being forthright, understanding the decision making process, and knowing when your really connecting with a prospect is of vital importance in selling.

Unfortunately, for many of us, these are not easy things to pickup.  We’ve been told about body language, we’ve been told about buying signals, and we’ve been told about assuming the close.  However, to date, there hasn’t been a clear process for recognizing what our prospects are really thinking.

Dr. David J. Lieberman in his recently released book, You Can Read Anyone (Viter, 2007), finally gives a practical, straightforward process for understanding how decisions are made and how to know when you’re being lied to and when your prospect is truly in agreement with what you’ve presented.

Although I usually don’t spend a great deal of time recommending sales books simply because many other people do and I see no reason to duplicate, this is a book that few salespeople and managers will find because it isn’t anywhere near the sales aisle. 

Lieberman, a psychologist, has written several books on interpersonal relationships and his techniques for understanding human behavior are used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. 

If you want to learn how to figure out what your prospects are thinking, read You Can Read Anyone.  Well worth having in your personal library.  It just might help with your poker game also.

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