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September 6, 2007

Another Great Source for Sales and Sales Management Training

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Let me point out a new source for salespeople, managers, professionals, and small business owners looking for sales and marketing help.

Beginning Monday, I’ll be directing a new sales and management-training venture by Sales Careers Online (  Sales Careers Online is a sales and sales management only career job site.  As one of the premier sales only job sites, it has a huge volume of traffic, as well as a very large base of employers and recruiters looking for salespeople and management for virtually any industry one can think of.

Beginning Monday, the site will offer world-class sales and management training for the job seekers, recruiters, and employers who have registered with the site.  Registration is free, so you don’t have to be a job seeker to register.  Register and you’re eligible for the free training. 

What will be offered?  Free tele-seminars and interviews exclusively for the job site’s members; original, never published articles by some of the top trainers in the world; sales and management questions answered by some of the top trainers; and additional free services.

Since my specialties are prospecting, referral selling, and personal marketing, I’m bringing in some of my sales training friends to help deal with issues outside those areas.  Here is the list, all are top, nationally recognized authorities in their areas:

Jill Konrath for B2B sales issues

Randy Pennington for management and organizational issues

Sharon Drew Morgen for sales process issues

Ed Brodow for negotiation issues

Dave Lakhani for persuasion and communication issues

Wendy Weiss for cold calling and telephone use issues

Frank Rumbauskas for sales technique issues

Dave Anderson for automotive sales and leadership issues

Plus a couple of surprise experts who will be announced on Monday.  These experts will join me in offering tele-seminars, answering questions, tele-interviews, and providing you with original, never published articles. 

And the guarantee:  we will only be offering seminars, articles, and other training from top of the line, nationally recognized sales and management trainers.  This isn’t an open forum for anyone who calls himself or herself a trainer.  I select each trainer by personal invitation and vet the content. 

For more information, check out the Sales Careers Online blog on Monday for the official announcement

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