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December 2, 2007

SalesMarks–A Great Way to Keep Up With the Best in Sales Sites, Blogs, and Podcasts

Filed under: Personal Marketing,Sales Resources — Paul McCord @ 11:32 am

Do you ever read online sales articles or sales tips? How about listening to sales podcasts? Or watching an inspirational video clip?

We do. Quite a bit actually.

But where do you find the really good, fresh sales ideas? I mean, visiting every sales-related site is very time consuming. In fact, it’s likely you’re not even aware of many sales blogs that are out there. Sure, there are article sites that give you, well, articles – but that content is often far from new and typically recycled over many websites. So much for original and fresh ideas. Meet – a new sales tool that helps you find, share and discover the best sales weblogs, articles, audios and videos online. It’s like Digg and for salespeople!Here’s how it works.Let’s say you visit your favorite sales blog and find a post you really like. If you’d share that great piece of content with other salespeople, they might enjoy it too! What if you could bookmark and save a link to that post so it could be discovered by others?It would get even better if hundreds of other salespros would do the same with articles, blog posts and other material they found inspiring.And what, then, if everyone could vote these sales links up or down so the most important and interesting content would be displayed on top of the list?What you’d get is a great snapshot of what hundreds of salespeople are reading and enjoying. And that’s the central thought behind SalesMarks.At, you’ll find sales tips, articles, sales ideas and downloads from hundreds of sites you didn’t even know existed. And they’re hand-picked and prioritized by people just like you.Everyone with a free membership account can use it to bookmark their own sales links, to share them with others or to discover tips and ideas other salespeople found online. Everyone can vote, share their comments and help separating the great from the not-so-great.Everything focused on selling. All right at your fingertips. All right here at to get started? Head over to Salesmarks!


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