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December 29, 2007

An Example of One of Our Illustrious Public School Educators at Work

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Seldom do I engage in political or even social criticism.  Yet, I ran across a blog post this morning that simply begs for attention.  Written by a gentleman named Malcolm Martin–described as a teacher and elected member of a chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.  The title of his post pretty much says it all: “Socialism Is The Only Way.”  It is an argument that Marxism and the defeat of capitalism is the only salvation for humankind.

Many lament the sad condition of our public schools.  Mr. Martin is that sad state personified.  More than a teacher, more than an elected member of a teacher’s union, he describes himself as a “warrior” for socialism and the death of the American system.  God save our children from our educational system.

The post itself would be humorous if it weren’t for the fact that it is written by one who is charged with the task of educating our kids.  And should we expect a reasonable, logical, balanced presentation of facts and ideas from one who describes himself as a “warrior” for socialism?  Warriors don’t teach–they proselytize, they seek converts—and destroy those who don’t convert. 

Here is the link to his article at the Dissident Voice: a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice


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