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January 22, 2008

20 of the Best Sales Resources on the Web

Below you’ll find 20 resources every salesperson, professional, business owner and sales manager should be aware of.  They cover a great deal of ground–from sites with top notch articles, to sites that aggregate and review the best productivity enhancement tools, to associations, to tools to help you research prospects.

The list does not include any individual training companies, training blogs or websites.  Rather it concentrates on general resources that should be of use to all sales professionals. 

They are in no particular order:

1.  Sales Team Tools:  a site devoted to finding and reviewing the best sales productivity tools.  From CRM programs to book reviews, the site seeks to give objective reviews of all types of tools to help you and your team sell more. 

2.  CEO Express:  a site that really just brings a great deal of links together for easy access.  From newspapers and magazines, to travel and business research sites, CEO Express is a one-stop site to help you find information quickly.

3.  EyesOnSales:  One of the best sales and sales management article sites on the web.  The site has several years’ worth of archived articles, as well as new articles added every month from some of the best sales trainers in the world. 

4.  800 CEO Read:  book reviews of some top sales and business books.  By no means does 800 CEO Read cover all the top books, but it is still a good site to get information on some of the best–particularly marketing and customer service books.

5.  Selling Power Magazine:  One of the top rated sales and sales management magazines.  Their website gives a fair amount of free material.  You can also download your monthly issue if you’re a subscriber.

6.  Sales Marks:  a relatively new site that has lots of room to grow.  Much like Digg or Furl, the site allows you to “mark” articles, blogs and websites you find particularly useful and highlights them for others to see.  Although new, Sales Marks will continue to grow and will probably become an important destination for salespeople and managers.

7.  Marketing Profs:  a combination article site and community forum that concentrates on marketing as opposed to sales, although it does have a fair amount of sales information.  Excellent site for salespeople and small companies to get marketing advice and information.

8.  Top 10 Sales Articles:  Site that selects the top 10 sales articles published each week on a variety of sales and management article sites.  The articles are selected by a panel of top sales trainers.  Quick way to get and read the best published web articles without having to surf the web.  Each month the top article for the month is selected and at the end of the year, the top article for the year is announced. 

9.  Sales and Marketing Executives International:  one of the best associations for salespeople and managers.  Has a number local chapters spread around the country.  Offers a number of educational opportunities throughout the year.

10.  Toastmasters:  Developing personal confidence and presentation and communication skills is key in sales.  One of the best organizations to help you do this is Toastmasters.  With chapters everywhere throughout the country, there is undoubtedly one near you.

11.  Sales and Marketing Management Magazine:  another of the top rated sales and sales management publications.  Their site, like Selling Power’s, offers a number of free resources as well as online subscription to the magazine.

12.  Business and Industry Associations:  A large list of hundreds of business and industry associations with links to the association homepage.  If you’re looking for a business or industry association, this list is pretty comprehensive and FREE.

13.  ZoomInfo:  Looking for information on an executive or business owner?  ZoomInfo has basic information on about 23 million people.

14.  CanDoGo:  Another relatively new website offering sales insights and motivation to salespeople and managers on a subscription basis.  From Anthony Perinello to Zig Zigler and a couple dozen other of the best names in sales training, the sales “insights” are offered in written, audio and video format, so no matter how you’d like to receive the information, there’s a medium for you.

15.  Top Sales Experts:  site designed to help individuals and companies find the sales training–and the expert to deliver it–they need.  Site gives comprehensive information of a number of the best trainers in the business, making selection much easier than spending hours surfing the net.

16.  Salesopedia:  another article site that also has hundreds of great articles from top trainers from around the world.

17.  BizStats:  Researching an industry or market segment?  If so, you’ll need lots of accurate statistics.  BizStats gives average ratios—net return, cash flow turnover, balance sheets and more—for various types of companies in hundreds of industries.  Company types are segregated by corporations, S-corps and sole proprietorships. 

18.  American Management Association:  Best general management association you’ll find.  Great training and educational resources and opportunities to meet with and learn from the best managers from all segments of business.

19.  Financial Forecasts:  Again, if you’re doing research, you’ll need to have an idea of where the economy is headed.  Here’s your source for a ton of economic forecasts. 

20.   Linkedin:  one of, if not the best, social networking sites on the net for salespeople.  Develop your network by contracting prospects directly or by getting introduced by someone you already know who knows your prospect.  Not cheap, but not really expensive if you select your prospects well. 

21.  A bonus:  Your industry associations and the associations of your prospects.  You should be an active member of your industry association and especially the association(s) of your prospects.  You can find hundreds of associations and links to their websites by clicking on number 12 above.



  1. […] Here to Link to the […]

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  2. Kevin,

    Could have been–except your blog specializes in enterprise software sales where this list is geared toward more general sites.

    That’s not to say you should be ignored, just don’t quite fit the general list. Like your blog though.


    Comment by pmccord — January 22, 2008 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

  3. Wow, we made the list twice – once with SalesTeamTools, once with SalesMarks. Thanks Paul, the plug is much appreciated!


    Comment by Jan — January 23, 2008 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  4. What can I say, Jan. You do great work and your sites are amoung the best on the net for salespeople.

    Speaking of plugs, my blog is picked up in syndication by Fox Business quite often–this post was one of them, so hopefully you’ll get some traffic from Fox also.


    Comment by pmccord — January 23, 2008 @ 6:09 pm | Reply

  5. Hey Paul,

    Excellent piece of research and many thanks for the two mentions – both Top10 Sales Articles and Top Sales Experts are very grateful to you and of course, very proud to be associated with you.



    Comment by Jonathan Farrington — January 24, 2008 @ 8:24 am | Reply

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  8. Hi friends, I want to say this article is very nice. Some of important resources are sales and marketing executes international, CEO express, financial forecasting and so on. Thanks for these amazing sales resources list.

    Comment by Field Merchandising Services — February 24, 2012 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

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