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January 27, 2008

Guest Article: Escape From the FUD Trap, by Jeb Blount

Escape From the Fud Trap       
by Jeb Blount    

In life and business change is always tugging at our shirt tail urging us to move forward and inspiring us to dream. Change is as inevitable as it is scary and how we deal with change has lasting implications for our success and happiness. At the root change is about choices. Our choices will either drive change in our lives or be driven by change.
You take control of your life by mastering your choices. Of course, that means breaking out of the trap that holds the vast majority of the people in the world back from living up to their true potential. I call this the FUD Trap.

Most people fail to drive positive change in their lives because their decisions or indecisions are stymied by Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Each moment of the day FUD is working hard to kill your dreams and extinguish your hope. FUD is the father of Status Quo. FUD revels in your excuses, procrastination, and inaction. FUD is your enemy and is holding you back right now!

You have the power break out of the FUD Trap. You have the ability and fortitude inside you right now to change and shape your life. There is literally no thing or no person that can stop you from choosing positive change. So what will you do? Will you step forward, take life into your own hands, and live your dreams? Or, will you stay in the warm, comfort of the FUD Trap and allow your dreams and life to pass you by?

Two PowerPrinciples for Escaping The FUD Trap

Get A Coach:  When you are facing change, FUD and the excuses that follow, look very real to you. A coach or mentor will see your situation from a different point of view. Their perspective, encouragement, and guidance can help your gain the courage to overcome FUD and move forward.

Take Small Steps: When you feel overwhelmed with a big decision, choose an easier path instead. Determine one small step you will take immediately to move you forward just a little bit. For example, if you are contemplating becoming an author, instead of worrying about the whole book, take immediate action to write one sentence, one paragraph or even one page. Small wins energize you and give you confidence to get bigger wins. Soon, a little bit at a time, you pull yourself from the FUD Trap and forward towards your dreams.
Jeb Blount is CEO of The Sales Leadership Group, author of PowerPrinciples, the creator of the popular internet sales community, and the host of the top rate Sales Motivation Podcast, SalesGravy: PowerPrinciples. Considered one of the leading experts in sales and sales leadership with over 20 years experience in Fortune 500 sales and marketing, Jeb holds a core philosophy that in sales and life there are a handful of basics, which if focused on intently, will drive peak performance and achievement. He seeks to remove complexity from inevitable challenges, and instead, focuses individuals and businesses on key actions that deliver quick and sustainable results.


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