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February 4, 2008

Cold Calling Preview Call with Wendy Weiss

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What would happen to your business if you were able to double the number of qualified, prospects you are able to reach?

How would it affect your bottom line if you met with and/or had comprehensive telephone conversations with twice the number of qualified, decision-makers?

How would it feel to have qualified, decision-makers eager, willing and delighted to meet with you?

Join Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, as she discusses cold calling and how she helps entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals – just like you – prospect fearlessly and schedule more new business appointments in less time.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008 and details can be found here:

Prospecting is perhaps the most important skill that entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals must master to be truly successful. Let’s face it, without customers you don’t have a business, and without prospecting, you don’t have customers!

In this day and age there are certainly many avenues that one can take to reach prospects.

Outsmart and Outsell the Competition

On the telephone, you can instantly build rapport, gather information, show your expertise and move your sales process forward, all of this while your competition is still trying to get in the door.

Many people, however, struggle with prospecting by phone. The reality is that prospecting can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. The good news is that cold calling is a communication skill, and like any communication skill, it can be learned and improved upon. In working with my clients, many of them have practiced new skills and are thrilled to see their results change.

If you struggle with prospecting, you too can see amazing change and terrific improvement in your ability to connect with multiple new prospects on a personal level, and have them agree to sit down and have a further conversation with you.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008 and details can be found here:

The Struggle is Over

Because so many people struggle with cold calling, appointment-setting and new business development, it has become my top priority to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

That’s why Wendy is recommending the proven new business development strategies, tactics, techniques and tips you will learn by attending this preview call.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008 and details can be found here:

Here’s what people are saying about ‘Cold Calling College’:

‘I recently called six companies and was able to get four solid introductory appointments on my calendar with minimal effort! If I can keep up this pace I can make more money in less time.’ – Tracy M. Brodd, Account Executive, American Identity

And isn’t that what it’s about? Making more money in less time.

You can do it too.

The Cold Calling Free Preview Call is on February 5, 2008 and details can be found here:

Don’t wait. This preview call is guaranteed to help, right now, regardless of your sales experience or background.

To your success!



  1. I do not quite agree you can instantly gather valuable information on the phone. People are very reluctant to give any info at all while speaking to strangers and they tend to hang up once they hear ” My name is..I am from company X…”

    Comment by Guerrillero — February 4, 2008 @ 10:03 am | Reply

  2. Guerrillero,

    For those familar with my posts, they’ll know that I’m far from the world’s greatest fan of cold calling. Yet, the reality is that millions of salespeople rely on it as their bread and butter method of prospecting.

    I am a firm believer that there are far more effective ways to prospect–but I also recognize the reality of those who insist on cold calling. I’ve included this information about Wendy’s call simply because I also believe that if you’re going to insist on using cold calling, you better learn the best techniques and develop your skills as best you can. And Wendy is one of the best in the business regarding teaching people how to be the best they can be at it.

    Comment by pmccord — February 4, 2008 @ 10:11 am | Reply

  3. I see you point. Thanks for this detailed explanation. In my turn I think cold phoning may turn a great marketing tool only if experience-proved practices are applied. I did a lot of cold phoning and can tell that there are such techniques. I just wanted to tell that it’s not that easy. To be able to get through needs much effort, practice and again practice, that is, phoning.

    Comment by Guerrillero — February 4, 2008 @ 10:28 am | Reply

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