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April 21, 2008

Cutting Edge Business Training at a Cutting Edge Site

Today my friend Lee Salz of Sales Dodo fame launches a new business site designed to help salespeople, managers, business owners, professionals, and other business people increase their efficiency and effectiveness.  Business Expert Webinars offers business only related webinars that cover the spectrum of business topics.

Lee has gathered together an incredible group of over 120 hand selected top experts and gurus from around the world to offer the best webinar training courses you can get are extremely reasonable cost.  These one-hour courses are not the typical “come on” to sell books, DVD’s, CD’s, or anything else.  These are strictly hard-core training courses taught by leading trainers and consultants in their respective areas.

Some of the experts Lee has lined up include Keith Rosen, Jill Konrath, Paul McCord, Patricia Fripp, Dr. Gregory Stebbins, Anthony Parinello, Jeb Blount, Jonthan Farrington, and many others.

There are currently over 700 webinars scheduled through the end of the year with the webinars beginning in May.

Whether you’re in sales or HR, accounting or purchasing, whether you work for a Fortune 50 company or are a one person shop, Business Expert Webinars has seminars for you.  Likewise, if you need training in negotiation, making presentations, marketing, business technology, or virtually any other aspect of business, there are webinars designed to help you become more productive.

Visit the Business Expert Webinars website to get and idea of the incredible offerings there—and I think you’ll be amazed how just how reasonable the registration fee for these world-class webinars is.


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