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April 28, 2008

Pass Your Knowledge and Experience Along: Get Interviewed About Your Experience with CRM, SPM or SFA Sales Technology

I’m looking for a few salespeople, sales managers and corporate executives to interview to be featured on The Management Curve blog.  The Management Curve is a blog dedicated to examining and discussing how the new sales technologies of Client Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Performance Management (SPM), and Sales Force Automation (SFA) is changing and will continue to change how the sales function is managed the impact the technology has on salespeople, managers, executives, and the company.

Does your company use a CRM, SPM, or SFA system?
•    If so, what has been your personal experience with the technology?
•    Has it delivered the promised benefits for the company?
•    Has it delivered tangible benefits to you personally?
•    What do you hope to gain from the system?
•    If you’re a sales manager or executive, how has the technology impacted your job, your management style or the role you play—or, on the other hand, why hasn’t it had an impact?
•    How much and what type of training have you received on the system?
•    Other than which buttons to click and what data to enter, has the training focused on the practical benefits you should gain from the system?  If so, how?  Was it adequate?
•    Overall, how would rate the system you’re using?
•    If you were with the company when the system was originally introduced, how did the company introduce the system to the sales force?  Did you view the introduction and the system as a positive or a negative?  Has it lived up to the company’s expectations?

Is your company in the process of installing or contemplating purchasing a system?
•    If so, what are your expectations, hopes, and/or fears?
•    How do you envision using the system?
•    Do you anticipate the system to be a positive or a negative for you?
•    How is the company introducing the system?
•    What does the company expect the system to do for it?

If you are an executive who was one of the men or women responsible for the purchase of the system or contemplating the purchase:
•    What are your hopes and expectations from the system?
•    Why did you select the particular you system you decided upon?
•    If you haven’t made a final decision, what are you basing your decision upon?
•    If your system has been in place for a while, has it performed as promised?
•    If you could go back prior to purchasing the system, knowing what you know now, would you purchase it?
•    How did the company introduce the system to the sales team?  What, if anything, should have been done differently?

Although the blog features articles, discussion and commentary from sales management, consulting and product development experts focusing on the very practical implications and changes sales technology is producing in the sales department and the company, we are also very interested in the real-world experiences of users of the technology.  That’s where I’m hoping you come in.

Whether your experiences have been positive or negative, we would like to speak with you for a possible podcast interview for the blog.  Your experience is important to other salespeople, managers and executives.  What you’ve learned can help your peers, companies contemplating a purchase, and the product developers themselves.

If you are involved or about to be involved with any of these technologies, please contact me directly at pmccord@mccordandassociates.  Give me a brief overview of your personal experience and a way to contact you and I’ll be in touch.  Help your colleagues by passing along what you’ve learned.


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