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July 6, 2008

Change Your 2008 On July 24

Three Incredible One-hour Tele-Seminars on One Day
That Will Change Your 2008

Attend 1, 2, or All 3 Tele-seminars and Pump Up Your Pipeline for the Second Half of the Year

Afraid of the economic slowdown?

New to Sales?

Getting burnt out on the endless, fruitless cold calling?

Can’t find a way to get your career in gear?

Not making the money you want to make?

Just want to make more money?

Whether you’re engaged in B2B or B2C sales, these seminars will show you how to radically increase the number of appointments you set with qualified prospects.

What You Know About Your Prospect:

  • You know your prospect doesn’t want your cold call.
  • You know your prospect thinks your call is nothing but a waste of their time
  • You know your prospect resents the interruption
  • You know your prospect has gatekeepers in place to keep you away

What You Know About Yourself:

  • You know you don’t have a way to grab your prospect’s attention and interest
  • You know you can’t differentiate yourself from your competition on a cold call
  • You know you can’t leave a voice message because it won’t be returned
  • You know you’re wasting a huge amount of time and effort cold calling
  • You know you’ll never become a top producer cold calling

So, what’s the answer?

    1. Discover a way to quit cold calling and still use the phone to make connections with qualified prospects
    2. Discover how to grab your prospect’s interest within 10 seconds of them answering the call
    3. Learn how to turn your business from cold calling based to referral-based which is the way top producers generate their business

1PM Central
Never A Cold Call, Always an Introduction

Discover how to turn cold calls into a referred call where your prospect welcomes your call and WANTS to hear what you have to say.

You’ll Learn:

  • To turn cold calls into real conversations about how you can address real prospect problems and issues
  • Immediately capture your prospect’s attention and interest
  • Get your voice messages returned
  • Get past the gatekeeper without lying or manipulation
  • Differentiate yourself from all the other calls your prospect receives by demonstrating your professionalism, your knowledge about your prospect, and by making a call that is worth your prospect’s time

3PM Central
The First 10 Seconds-How to Instantly Engage Your Cold Call Prospect’s Interest

Still want to cold call instead of getting a referral to the prospect? Then you must learn how to grab your prospect’s interest. The first 10 seconds of your cold call determines whether or not you’ll capture your prospect’s interest-or get blown off. Learn how to get your prospect to not only listen, but to pay attention.

You’ll Learn:

  • To formulate an introduction that grabs your prospect’s interest
  • Determine what you should be talking about BEFORE you call your prospect
  • Create rapport with the prospect, not hostility from the prospect

5PM Central
The PWWR Referral Generation System-
Don’t Dream About Referral Business,
Learn How the Mega-Producers Get Tons of Referrals

Learn to turn your business from low return, high time investment prospecting methods such as cold calling and networking into a high return business through generating a large number of high quality referrals from your clients and prospects. Mega-producers don’t cold call, fax worthless fliers all over the place, or run from ‘networking’ event to networking event. Instead, they’ve learned how to get 5, 6, 7, even 10 high quality referrals from every one of their clients and even their prospects.

Just asking for referrals will get you nowhere. Instead you have to learn HOW to make referrals work.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why your client won’t give referrals if you just ask
  • What you must do to get your client comfortable and willing to give quality referrals
  • Get your client to AGREE to give you 5 or more quality referrals
  • What you must do to EARN the referrals
  • How to make it easy for your client to give 8, 10 or even 15 referrals
  • How to guarantee you get an appointment with the referred prospect

Can’t Make it One of More of the Seminars? No Problem!

Since each session will be recorded, register for the seminar and if you can’t make it you’ll still be able to ‘attend’ at your convenience after the 24th.

Register for any individual seminar $67.00

Register for any two for only $114.00 save $20.00

Register for all three for only $151.00 save $50.00



1 Comment »

  1. Paul,

    I just wanted to let people know that I and two of my colleagues attended the last session of the Never a cold call, Always an Introduction seminar and it was the best, most innovative, and straightforward training we’ve received in a long, long time. Not only was the information pure genius, it WORKS! I hadn’t really known much about you before reading some of your articles and your blog and then deciding to take a chance and register for the seminar. I honestly expected it to be a waste of $67 but I knew I had to do something. I was really surprised! A really great hour and one that anyone who cold calls should be taking.

    I’ve registered for the other two seminars on the 24th even though I’ll only be able to attend one. The other I’ll have to get from the recording.

    Anyway, great information, an hour that way exceeded what I expected, and you’ve certainly got a new fan here.

    Comment by Linda Vale — July 11, 2008 @ 7:33 am | Reply

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