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October 6, 2008

Unabashed Self Promotion

I am honored and pleased that two of my articles were chosen as “Article of the Week” in September by Top 10 Sales Articles, and one, Why Decision Makers Hate Cold Calls, has been selected as the Article of the Month. My other article that was selected as an Article of the Week winner during September was Never a Cold Call, Always and Introduction. In addition, Jonathan Farrington, Moderator at Top 10 Sales Articles, informed me that I am the first and only author whose material has been selected twice in the same month as a weekly winner.

If you’re not familiar with Top 10 Sales Articles you should be. The site has a team of sales experts such as Farrington, Dr. Greg Stebbins, Lee Salz and others who judge sales and sales management articles from the top sales article sites on the net such as Eyes On Sales, Salesopedia, Sales Gravy, The Sideroad, and several other sites.

Competition is stiff with articles from such training luminaries as Tony Alessandra, Jill Konrath, Colleen Stanley, Charles H. Green, Harvey MacKay, Jeff Thull, Kelley Robertson, Dave Stein, Linda Richardson, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and dozens of other great trainers and sales experts.

To win article of the week twice in a single month is a great honor—and to win article of the month even more so.

You can find some of the best sales and management training material published during the week at Top 10 Sales Articles. Every Sunday afternoon a new set of the 10 best articles published during the previous week are featured, as well as the article of the week winner from the ten nominated articles from the prior week. Check it out—better yet, stick in your RSS reader or bookmark it and make it a regular part of your reading.


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