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January 16, 2009

Sales Blogger Union Issues First E-Book

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ebook_downloadThe Sales Bloggers Union is a group of 9 sales trainers from various backgrounds and industries that each gives their perspective on a sales related topic once every two weeks.

Although I don’t know all the members, most such as Ian Brodie, Karl Goldfield, Nesh Thompson, Brad Trnavsky, Skip Anderson, and Tibor Shanto I know well, and based on my knowledge of them, I’m confident you’ll find all members to be knowledgeable and their contributions to be thoughtful and provocative.  They address topics from cold calling to closing to selling on the internet.

This group has just released their first e-book:  How to Sell More by Reducing Risk-and it’s free for the taking.  I’d suggest you head over and download your copy now.




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