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March 10, 2009

Don’t Count on Your Company for Training in 2009

Brainshark,  a leader in on-demand presentations, has just released a survey of how companies will be handling training, travel and conference budgets this year.  For those who have relied on company training sessions and conferences for the bulk of their training, the survey doesn’t look good.

Brainshark found that about 40% of companies plan on significantly decreasing meeting and conference costs.  Worse, 67% of large companies surveyed plan on cutting meeting and conference costs.  Over 60% are cutting travel and almost 30% are cutting incentive trips.

What do these staggering numbers mean for you?

More than likely it means you’re on you own.

Certainly, some companies will fill the void with webinars, tele-conferences, or on demand training presentations.  Many others, if not most, will simply pocket the savings.

There is a whole generation of salespeople who have never sold in a declining market.

Even those of us who are grizzled and tested have allowed our skills to rust as we’ve sold in a strong market these last years.

What has been working isn’t.  What we relied on yesterday isn’t generating results today.

If we want to survive and possibly even thrive today, we have to adopt more productive strategies to find and connect with prospects.  We have to learn to engage prospects in ways they will respect and respond to.  We have to learn how to approach prospects that put us and our products in a position of strength.

If we simply do more of what isn’t working, we’ll simply get nowhere faster.

That’s the reality of today’s marketplace.

Salespeople and Sales Leaders

Unfortunately, Brainshark’s survey indicates that very likely your company won’t be helping you do that.

In 2009 you’re on your own.  And this isn’t the year to be kicked out of the life raft.

Sales Leaders and Meeting Planners

There are cost effective ways of getting your sales team ready to tackle this market.

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on meetings and conferences.  The hard costs you save can be millions, while the soft costs tens of millions.

Whether you’re a salesperson looking for help and guidance or a sales leader or meeting planner looking to change your team’s fortunes, give us a call and let’s see how we can get your sales moving and your bottom-line flooded with income.

Call me at 432-853-8685 or email me at


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