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April 20, 2009

Don’t Miss These FREE Calls Tomorrow and Friday–They WILL Increase Your Sales

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Get ready to learn about how to get more prospects into your pipeline – faster.  Tomorrow and Friday you’ll have the opportunity to hear 8 top trainers give REAL solutions to today’s prospecting issues.

To kick it off the Sales Stimulus Package, Jill Konrath is hosting two complimentary preview teleseminars  where she’s interviewing the top sales experts who will be speaking at this big event! (Optional: I’m delighted to be one of them!)

When you attend, you’ll learn fresh ideas and strategies to:

  • Build your pipeline
  • Get to the real decision maker
  • Increase cold calling effectiveness
  • Leverage email for prospecting
  • Use LinkedIn to get more business
  • Create an effective networking strategy

…and more!

The Details: Each call features different experts, so you’ll want to listen to both!

April 21, 1pm ET (Tuesday)

  • Colleen Francis, author of Honesty Sells, talks about why being a person of integrity has huge pay-offs for sellers today.
  • Doyle Slayton, prolific SalesBlogcast blogger, shares strategies on how to build your pipeline in tough times.
  • Josiane Feigen, inside sales expert, discusses how to avoid getting trapped by no-power decision makers.
  • Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, addresses how the market has changed and what you need to due to be successful.

Sign up now for both these preview calls. 
April 24th, 1 pm ET (Friday)

  • Paul McCord, author of Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income, talks about how to create an effective networking strategy.
  • Jeb Blount, author of Power Principles, Sales Gravy & Sales Guy podcaster speaks about strategies to outsell recessions.
  • Kendra Lee, author of Selling Against the Goal, shares her secrets to mastering email prospecting.
  • Patrick O’Malley, LinkedIn expert will give you strategies you can use right now to drive sales.

Sign up once for both Preview Calls.    Listen online, on the phone – or later. Even if you can’t make it to the event, you’ll get a link to listen in later. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

P.S. The Sales Stimulus Package is an intensive two-week program that requires just one hour a day. You’re guaranteed to get great advice that will help you get more prospects in your pipeline immediately.

Check out the 12 sessions & speakers now at   Yes, these calls are previews to a paid series of sessions–HOWEVER–the calls are NOT all fluff and no meat.  You will learn new strategies, so even if you would never consider paying for training, don’t miss the information you’ll gain from these 8 top trainers


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