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October 8, 2009

The REAL Dirty Secret about Selling that Will EXPLODE Your Sales Career

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How often have you heard the hype that if you just buy this list of prospects your problems will be solved, or if you’ll just get this book, pay $899 for this sales ‘secret,’ or use this sales system you’ll only have to work three days a week? 

How many websites have you gone to that have a never ending sales pitch with ‘testimonial’ after ‘testimonial’ about what a great book or system is being offered that will change your sales career forever–but doesn’t give the slightest idea of what you’re going to buy for only $79.95?

How many promises of THE sales secret, the AMAZING OVERNIGHT results you’ll get with THIS process, the UNBELIEVABLE income from this technique that only the most successful salespeople know, or the BREAKTHROUGH system that GUARANTEES your sales success have you seen?  Hundreds?  Thousands?

We’ve all seen them.  Probably at least every week if not every day.  The ads, the claims, the promises are everywhere.  It used to be there was a huckster on every corner, now there’s at least one on every Google search results page.

You know why they’re there don’t you?  They’re there because we want them to be there.  We encourage them by going to their webpages, by buying their products, by believing–no desperately hoping that there’s really, truly a secret that if we just knew would make selling so easy and profitable that our lives would be complete.  No more cold calling.  No more unkept appointments.  No more rejection.  No more worry.  No more depression.  We’d never have to put in 60, 70, 80 hours again. 

If we just knew. 

If it just existed—and it must exist because there are so many out there telling us it does exist and we see the successful salespeople who seem to have it all (and so easily, too!). 

Those guys gotta know something we don’t know. 

If we only knew. 

We’d pay almost anything to find it, to learn it, to be able to have the easy life like those lucky big producers who bought or stumbled upon the secret.

Yep, we’re why those hucksters exist.  Because we want them to—because we DEMAND they exist.

And the funny thing is we’re right–there really is a secret that if we just learn it and implement it will change our sales careers forever. 

The best part is we don’t even have to pay for it. 

In fact, we already know the secret—we just don’t like it.  It isn’t the secret we want it to be.

The REAL secret to sales success isn’t contained in that super duper list the broker is going to sell to you and you alone; it isn’t contained in that secret sales system that only costs $899; it isn’t in that 24 page e-book with all the testimonials from people identified only by initials that that self-proclaimed guru is offering you for only $99.99.

Naw, it ain’t in any of those.

That’s where we want it to be.  We want so badly to just pay our $899 and everything will change.  The only thing that changes is the balance in that huckster’s bank account—oh, and your bank account, too.

If you really want to be successful in selling forget the tricks, the schemes, the false promises and false hopes. 

Instead, do what the top producers do:

  • Learn successful processes for identifying, finding, and connecting with quality prospects.  There are a number of very effective prospecting and marketing processes.  Learn and implement several.  Don’t let anyone tell you there’s only one way to find and connect with prospects.  If they’re telling you that, they’ve already lined you up in their sights to be had.
  • Learn and implement a dynamic, proven sales process.  Again, there are several highly effective processes.  Find one that fits your personality, your market, your product or service.  Learn it, implement it, perfect it.
  • Commit yourself to learning the essentials of being a successful seller—how to communicate; how to negotiate; how to manage your time in order to give your prospects and clients a purchasing experience that keeps them loyal—and talking about you; how to deal with the questions, the issues, the problems that will recur time after time after time in your career.
  • Learn to walk away when you can’t perform as a prospect demands or when your product or service isn’t right.  Knowing when to walk away is just as important as knowing when to fight for the sale.

In short, the REAL dirty secret about selling that will EXPLODE your sales career is that selling is hard work that demands you learn to be a professional seller, not an order taker.  That you commit to doing the things you must do to create the sales opportunities you want—that means not only investing the time, but spending that time in activities that generate sales, not in activities that insulate you from the anxiety of potential rejection; that you learn effective processes rather than shooting from the hip; that you be proactive instead of reactive.

Top producers aren’t top producers because they were lucky, because they had a better list than you, or because they paid for ‘the secret.’  Top producers are top producers because they learned that the secret to becoming a top producer was investing the time, energy, and dollars required to learn, implement, and perfect proven processes to find, connect with, sell, and service great prospects, and they then committed themselves to getting dirty by getting in the trenches and doing the hard work of turning those processes into a successful sales business.

Want to be a top producer?  Forget the magic and commit yourself to getting dirty. 


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  1. What a brilliant article.
    Unfortunately the reasons suckers fall for the bull is that they’re lazy and aren’t prepared to graft.

    Comment by Ian - Marketing Difference — October 15, 2009 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

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