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November 19, 2009

A Titanic Merger that Will Rock the Sales World

Well, OK, so maybe it isn’t quite that big but my good friend Jan Visser has merged the old and the old into the newly combined Sales Marks.

If you’re not familiar with either of these sites, you’re missing a great deal of important material, so combining them into a single site is a fantastic idea that will give visitors to the new Sales Marks a huge platform of great stuff all at a single location.

The old Sales Team Tools focused on examining and evaluating tools—phones, contact management software, business card scanners, you name it–to make sales and selling easier.  Tools that have been around and new ones alike have been evaluated.  One of the best aspects of the site was that salespeople who have used the various tools get to comment on them and present their opinions and experiences.  Sales Team Tools has been a great place to keep up the sales world’s tools—both those tools designed specifically for sellers and those general technology tools that make selling easier or more efficient.  If you’ve been a Sales Team Tools regular, you’ll lose nothing—just gain everything that Sales Marks had to offer.

Sales Marks offers a number of high quality downloads from Tibor Shanto’s newest e-book published by Sales Marks “6 Ways to More Sales Appointments” to How to Organize a Sales Blitz to a free Sales Activity Report template and lots more.  The site also has hundreds of articles from top sales trainers such as Zig Zigler, Dave Brock, Tom Freese, Jeff Thull, Colleen Francis, Bill Caskey, Jill Konrath, myself and many, many more.  Best of all, Jan has a section called 100 Tips that lists the newest 100 articles, saving you a great deal of time searching through the entire article database. 

But, WAIT!  There’s MORE! 

The site offers a number of free sales guides—for instance one on tuning your sales pitch or another on writing a cold calling sales script.   And as a bonus, there are dozens of great sales quotes from everyone from Florence Nightingale to Pappa Joe (Joe Paterno, Head Coach of Penn State for those non college football fans) to Eleanor Roosevelt (can’t think of her in terms of sales?  Go find out) to Milton Berle—and even some real sales folks like Zig, Brian Tracey and others.

But Wait!  There’s Even MORE!

And now, Jan has added some great new things for his visitors.  Here’s how he described them to me in an email I received yesterday:

It’s almost 2010 – so I thought I’d run a tally on available selling days in 2010. The result was 254! Only 254 days and that’s not including vacations and days around the holidays. Sales and small biz people better make sure every day counts! That’s why I developed a few fun resources.

First, there’s a section called “Sales Months” – a new PDF poster every month, showing the current/next month – displaying selling days and a motivational sales quote. They can be downloaded for free at

Then, there’s a need to remember that we only have 254 days in 2010.  For that purpose, I created a Sales Days Sheet – a PDF poster listing selling days for 2010 per month, per quarter – with a reminder to make sure you make every day counts. They can be downloaded here:

 Finally, a recession brings pressure for sales people looking for a job and for hiring sales managers alike. We thought we’d help both a little with a new download called Sales Interview Questions. They saved me from mis-hiring a few times and thought I’d share them with others. They can be downloaded here:               

All of this for only one easy payment of—NOTHING!

That’s right; you pay absolutely nothing for this amazing offer.  All you have to do is use this incredible site to help build your sales business.

Anyway, go check out Jan’s bigger and better site HERE



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paul McCord, GoodSelling. GoodSelling said: A Titanic Merger that Will Rock the Sales World […]

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  2. I’m remaining anonymous for obvious reasons.

    I took over as the Ex VP of Sales for a mid-sized service company at the beginning of September and have now had time to make some observations and develop some plans. I see that you’ve already met all of my sales management team. My new company has never invested in any serious training of their managers, sales or otherwise and now have a company full of Good Buddies and Hall Monitors, with a Visitor here and there, too. In sales we have a couple of Super Closers as well. Unfortunately, we are almost void of real leaders. I have a sales team culture and a CEO that must be changed.

    It’s sad, but, you’re very righ in that the company has used front-line management positions as a reward for great sales and then gives the new manager no training or guidance and that leads to very bad management.

    Comment by Carl — November 19, 2009 @ 12:42 pm | Reply

    • Carl,

      Thanks for your input. I see why you might want to remain anonymous and feel for you. It is never easy going into a new situation where there’s a culture that does more to stifel building a great sales team than it does to encourage it. I wish you well–and certainly, if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to let me know,


      Comment by Paul McCord — November 22, 2009 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

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  4. Jan Visser might have been the brians behind salesmarks however the guy is on a complete power trip. How to I know? Try sending them an email and see the response you get. He’s absolutely terrible. Rudest response I have ever recieved in my life. For someone who is in sales he has the worst customer service. The worst. I will not be using this product or any product by this horrible man.

    Comment by Marie — August 19, 2010 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

    • Marie,

      I’m sorry to hear of your experience with Jan. Honestly, you must have caught him on a bad day. I’ve known Jan for about 5 years and have never had any experience with him other than informative and pleasant.

      I’ll certainly let Jan know the situation.


      Comment by Paul McCord — August 19, 2010 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

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