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August 24, 2010

Are You Ready to Master the World of Selling?

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I want to take just a couple minutes to let you in on something special…
…something that could easily make this your BEST YEAR of sales EVER!

 Eric Taylor and David Riklan, the Creators of the “Mastering the World” book series, are releasing their newest masterpiece…

It’s an INCREDIBLY valuable resource for ANYONE working in Sales.

The complete details are here)

One look and you’ll quickly see why I call this “the best of the best”.

Because whether it’s the classic wisdom of Napoleon Hill, Robert Cialdini, and Zig Ziglar … or up-to-the-minute advice on using the power of “Sales 2.0” technologies…

You can take absolutely ANY nugget from within this book’s 385 pages, and IMMEDIATELY apply it to solving your most pressing real-life sales challenges.

Eric and David have taken the sales wisdom of the 89 of the top trainers and training companies in the world and put them between two covers.  I should know—I’m honored that they have seen fit to imclude me as one of the top 89 trainers.

Look, I’m not even going to TRY listing all the topics covered, and all the experts contributing. Even on the webpage, they don’t list quite everything But here is just a taste of whos wisdom you’ll find in the book:

Jeffrey Gitomer                                   Neil Rackham
Tony Alessandra                                 Sandler Training
Dale Carnegie                                       Mike Bosworth
Jim Cathcart                                        CustomerCentric Selling
Chet Holmes                                         FranklinCovey Sales Performance
Tom Hopkins                                        Huthwaite
Tony Jeary                                            Patricia Fripp
Jill Konrath                                          Chris Lytle
Colleen Francis                                   Miller Heiman
Rick Page                                               The Brooks Group
Anthony Perinello                             Wilson Learning
Tom Sant                                               ValueSelling Associates

And that’s only 24 of them.  This is truly a collection of the BEST of the BEST—and only the BEST.  You should know each and every trainer and company listed—and be reading everything you can get your hands on by them.

And no, I didn’t stack the list above with every big name I could—unless you think

Brian Tracy
Linda Richardson
Frank Rumbauskas
Stephen Schiffman
Action Selling
Barry Farber
Dr. Ivan Misner
and many, many more aren’t big names. 

Like I said, this is simply the wisdom of the BEST of the BEST and nothing but the BEST all under one cover.

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of “The Little Red Book of Selling”, says:
“This book is all about what is working NOW [in] business, sales, service, and personal development for the second decade of the twenty-first century.”

I guarantee you’ll be well-impressed when you see what they CREATED!

David and Eric are also celebrating the book’s release date with an incredible, exclusive give-away of $2,686.00 worth of hand-picked FREE Gifts. (You’ll have to visit their webpage to get all the details, and see how you can qualify.)

I know anyone purchasing this book who doesn’t experience a major boost to their bottom line … hasn’t actually USED it.

It’s that well-written … and that powerful!

Look – go to the book’s website, and see for yourself what all the fuss, and all the excitement is about!

To Your Best Sales Year Ever,

Paul McCord

PS – I should mention: All those thousands of dollars worth of gifts David and Eric have set aside for you will be offered to someone else – someone perhaps a bit more motivated – if you don’t grab yours by Midnight Tonight. Go there right NOW


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