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February 26, 2011

Guest Article: “How to Set Goals That Will Excite You,” by Daniel M Wood

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How to Set Goals That Will Excite You
by Daniel M Wood 

Anyone will tell you that setting goals is required for success.

“If you do not know what you want, you won’t have a reason to go after it.”
Your motivation stands in direct relation to your goals.  If you do not know why you are working, there is no reason to work hard.

This is the first thing I teach new employees at our company.
To set meaningful goals that motivates them to work hard and achieve results.
They do not have to share their goals with me, the important thing is that they set them and use them.

The below method of setting goals has helped many improve their results, their motivation and to find a better balance in their lives.
What is difficult is knowing if the goal is one you feel is worthwhile or if it is one someone else thinks is worthwhile. 

A goal someone else thinks you should set, won’t help you

Listen to yourself
If a goal you set for yourself in the future makes you feel happy and motivated now, it is a good goal. If it doesn’t do anything for you or if it makes you feel stressed and anxious, you are aiming for failure. The goal isn’t one you really want and care about and therefore you won’t be able to complete it. 

A fatal mistake
I set a goal for myself when I was 14 years old to be financially independent and play baseball all day long. This goal worked for me for a long time, it was a source of motivation. 

But one day I started noticing that I wanted something else, I updated my goal to fit my new reality, I still have a goal of being financially independent, but I do not want to only play baseball. I will now be helping people, making a difference, with the freedoms financial independence gives me.

Set goals that empower you
The whole point of goal setting is to become more motivated. To want to do more to accomplish your goals, to try and find opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t. If you don’t care about the goal, you won’t lift a finger to complete it.

4 Steps of goal setting
1.    Think about what you want in the major areas of your life. Family, Health, Career and Finance.

2.    Write down your goals on a piece of paper in the positive present tense, as if you already have completed them.

3.    Set a deadline for each goal

4.    Read your goals, listen to yourself, what do you feel? Do you feel motivated to start working on your goals at once? Are you motivated to take action?
If not the goal isn’t worth your time. Go back and set one you really want.

If you want to succeed, in any aspect of your life, you need to set goals.
You need to give yourself reasons to go the extra mile.

Start today by setting goals that motivate and inspire you to perform.

Daniel M. Wood writes the blog.  He writes about Sales Technique, Motivation and Success




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