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September 5, 2012

Guest Article: “How to Quickly Build LinkedIn and Facebook Connections,” by Kelly McCormick

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How to Quickly Build LinkedIn and Facebook Connections
by Kelly McCormick

There is an art to making connections in the virtual business world. As the term implies, ‘Social Networking’ is about building relationships. And the best place to start the process is at the ‘invitation’ stage.

From personal experience, the ‘Accept’ ratio increases when a personalized message is included in requests to connect.

BUT, it’s important that the ‘personalized’ message doesn’t sound phony or like a template. So let me show you what to do and say instead.

Ditch The Default Message
Start by deleting the default request to connect messages. For example, on LinkedIn the default message reads, ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network.’

Facebook sends out an equally generic request. However, before you hit send, you can select the ‘Message’ option. This is where you’ll write your personalized note.

Try This
In your personalized message, be upfront about your desire to connect.

Even a simple statement like:

“Hi, I don’t believe that we’ve met. However, we seem to know many people in common and I’d like to include you in my network… [look forward to reading your posts/sharing resources/learning more about you…].”

Best Request I Received
The best, LOL, request to connect I’ve ever received came via LinkedIn. The ‘invitation’ was from someone I had never met.

The fellow checked off the ‘Friend’ box and took a guess as to my email address. Bingo! His request made it to me.

When I opened the invitation, the message simply said, “Ok, we’re not friends and we’ve never met. However, I would like to connect. What do you think?”

Wondering how I responded?

Well, I hit reply and typed, “That was a refreshingly creative approach. You are definitely someone I’d like in my network.” I then hit send and ‘Accept’!

His approach may not work for everyone. However, the point is to include a message with your requests to connect and go for it.

Kelly McCormick is a business expert with OutSell Yourself®, a division of her company The McCormick Team, Inc. Kelly doesn’t just talk the talk – she walks the walk. She’s owned three successful businesses – the first at age 21. Starting each of her companies from the ground up left Kelly with a deep understanding of human mindsets and what it takes to build a brand, market, and sell.


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