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September 26, 2012

Book Review: Strategic Sales Presentations, by Jack Malcolm

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No matter what you sell, where you sell, or how you sell, you are a presenter.  It makes no difference if you are presenting to an individual or a group, a guy buying a lawnmower or a company awarding a multimillion dollar contract, you must make a presentation of some kind.  And certainly, the more complex the sale and the more people involved, the more complex the presentation becomes.

The problem for most of us sellers is that we really aren’t that great at presenting.


Based on my years of working with sellers, I’ll posit three major stumbling blocks that prevent us from being great presenters.  Most sellers suffer from one or more of these issues:

Wrong idea of what a presentation is about:  We tend to think of making a presentation as providing information—about ourselves, our company, our products and services.

A lack of understanding how people really make decisions:  Many of us simply don’t have a deep understanding of human nature and how people make decisions.  We mistakenly believe that our prospects, especially business prospects, will make decisions based solely on facts and numbers, that logic and rational thinking rule the day; others of us think decision making is completely based on emotions and that the prospect can simply be manipulated into making a purchase commitment.

Winging it:  Many of us mistakenly believe we are at our best when presenting extemporaneously, and not “canned.”  Some of us only half wing it—we do a bit of preparation, but not nearly enough.

Do any of the above speak to you?  I’ll admit that one or two certainly speak to me.

As sellers we make a living on the presentations we make yet so many of us suffer from one or more of the ills above. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to.

Jack Malcolm’s new book, Strategic Sales Presentations (booktrope:  2012), addresses each of these issues and does so in such a manner as to make the process of creating and perfecting a presentation both clear and manageable. 

From my perspective the key to Malcolm’s book is his thorough integration of an understanding of how individuals and groups make decisions, and why and  how you must incorporate that understanding into your presentation.

Strategic Sales Presentations is designed for the B2B seller but its application is universal for anyone who has to sell, and, of course, that is virtually every human being on the planet.  Malcolm’s book is a clear and precise handbook on crafting a strong, persuasive, effective presentation that meets the prospect’s need for information while addressing their emotional needs.  Unlike so many books on presenting, Strategic Sales Presentations addresses the prospect as a whole person, not just a detached analytical brain or a mess of emotional triggers.

Not only does Malcolm lay out the process for creating your presentation, he anticipates the issues and obstacles you’ll face from anticipating questions and objections to how to deal with a hostile audience to how to present numbers and technical information and gives real workable advice on how to deal with these issues.

If the above hasn’t convinced you to grab a copy of Strategic Sales Presentations, then pop for the price of the book just to get the templates in the Appendix.   In the Appendix you’ll find an Audience Analysis template along with Presentation Preparation and Building the Presentation templates, each will make you a better presenter if you’ll simply take the time to work through them when preparing to make a presentation.

There are a lot of presentation books on the market with a good many addressed specifically to sellers, but none deliver as well as Strategic Sales Presentations on the promise to help you become a better, more effective presenter—no matter what you sell.


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  1. Paul, I receive many of your book review emails and really enjoy them. I released a book this year What is the process for having you consider a review of my book? To YOUR Success, Steve Suggs Sales Manage Solutions 865-567-2871!/Steve_Suggs

    Comment by stevesuggs — September 29, 2012 @ 10:48 am | Reply

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