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August 19, 2013

Book Review: Winning the Battle for Sales, by John Golden

winning the battle for salesDo you think a book about sales has to be dull enough to put you sleep within two minutes or that it has to have complicated graphs and endless, meaningless, mind numbing numbers.  Do you think it has to swim in jargon or work overtime to try to impress with the author’s knowledge of sales industry acronyms?

If you do you can forget all of that crap because John Golden, President and CEO of Huthwaite, has just published one of the most fun to read—yet valuable—sales books on the market.  Winning the Battle for Sales (McGraw Hill:  2013) draws sales lessons from the history of war.

If you love history, in particular military history, and you have a sincere interest in improving your selling skills, you’ll love Winning the Battle for Sales.  Golden takes 29 historic battles and shows what each teaches about sales.

The battles Golden chooses from which to derive the sales lessons are scattered throughout history and across multiple cultures, from the American Civil War to Egyptian battles to the English Hundred Years War to Samurai battles and everything in-between.  When you’ve finished the book you’ll have visited battlefields in Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East; you’ll have learned sales lessons from the Gunfight at the OK Corral to the Charge of the Light Brigade to David’s fight with Goliath to the Mutiny on the Bounty (as you can see from the list, not all battles are associated with a war).

Although the history is wonderful and really adds to making the book a delight to read, the real value is in the practical and highly relevant sales lessons Golden teaches using the battles from which to draw the lessons.

The lessons you’ll learn in Winning the Battle for Sales range from the planning of a sales call to objections to follow-up to negotiating to using CRM (didn’t know David used CRM?) to forecasting to not buying business.

These are twenty nine lessons that every business-to-business seller must know and practice.

You’ll find no fluff or filler, no wasted or inflated space; just a highly entertaining book that at its heart is another high quality piece of top notch training from Huthwaite.


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