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July 14, 2014

Guest Article: “The Dichotomy of Sales!,” by Lynn Hindy

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The Dichotomy of Sales!
by Lynn Hidy

I was working with a relatively new inside salesperson recently and we uncovered he was facing the Dichotomy of Sales!

not sure what dichotomy is? Merriam Webster says “something with seemingly contradictory qualities”

On one side: it is all about making commission
On the other side: it is all about making sure the customer solves their problem

The reason I picked the definition I did was the word “seemingly” – actually, these two things are not contradictory.

Rather, when you go into every interaction with a prospect with the intention and belief – it is all about making sure the customer solves their problem – ultimately you will make more commission!

It is really all about: balance, technique, skill, and bravery.

* balance – to ensure that both of you get something out of the relationship. Their problems are solved AND you make commission.

* technique – asking the right questions to uncover real problems, listening to their answers, communication is your responsibility! Not just information – but also communicating your intention.

* skill – taking the time to actually practice the craft of sales, not to manipulate a prospect… rather to ensure you know you’re the best fit for the opportunity.

* bravery – to believe that making it all about THEM will get you what you want as well!

A little like skateboarding; without balance, you’ll fall flat on your face. If you haven’t learned the techniques to do that new trick, again falling is inevitable. Without taking the time to turn technique into true skill and mastery your performance will be inconsistent. Plus you have to bravely believe you CAN do it.

Lynn Hidy, founder of, is the expert at creating profitable telesales salespeople and organizations. She knows you can make six figures over the phone – she does it!  Get more of Lynn at the Up Your TeleSales blog.


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