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Doing more of what you’re doing that isn’t producing the results you want,
isn’t going to get your sales where you want them to be.

The market has changed dramatically. Prospects have changed. Not only are there fewer high quality prospects, they have made themselves harder to find and harder to get to. What has worked in the past to find and connect with quality prospects doesn’t work very well today.OK, most of us recognize that.But most of us are chained to our old poor performing prospecting and business development methods.And those old methods are killing your business.

To connect with high quality prospects in today’s market you have to approach them in ways they will accept and respect, not in ways that turn them off. The more relationship driven the sale, the less effective cold calling, direct mail and email, networking through the local chamber
and leads groups, and advertising become.

* Are you looking for quality prospects that want real solutions–or are you happy with price shoppers?

* Do you want new clients that will be the loyal backbone of your sales for years to come–or are you satisfied with one-time buyers?

* Are you looking for prospects that want to engage you for your expertise–or who just deal with you because you’re the cheapest alternative?

If you’re looking for price shoppers, bargain hunters, and one-time customers, your current prospecting and new business development methods may work perfectly well for you.

In today’s marketplace, if you want customers and clients who will pay what your products and services are worth, and if you want long-term, profitable, loyal clients and customers, you have to find prospects who are looking for real solutions to their issues, not the cheapest stop-gap measure they can find.

You must find and employ ways to connect with prospects that put you and your product or service in a position of authority and superior expertise–that communicate your value to and respect for your prospect.

Those methods exist.They are out there.And they probably are not being employed by your competition

If you or your sales team is ready to learn how to get away from the price shopper and one-time prospect and to find prospects who need and want your products, servives, and solutions and are willing to pay for them, give me a call. In today’s marketplace, can you afford to wait?Pick up the phone and call 432-260-0206.

or shoot me an email at

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain


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