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Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income:
Sales Success through Client Referrals

How do the mega-producers generate their huge sales and incomes? 

 It isn’t by cold calling, or through direct mail, or even by advertising.  They generate most of their sales through getting a
 large number of high quality referrals from their clients and even their prospects.

Lonnie Timmons, Gresham Toyota, Gresham, CA
“Thank you for your great book.  I bought copies for my whole
  team and we’re working our way through.  What a breath of
  fresh air. Finally, a sales book that is not only practical, but
  actually producers results.”

 But they have learned that the traditional referral training most salespeople get doesn’t work.  Nevertheless, they’ve
 learned a process that does generate 5, 10, even 15 high quality referrals from every one of their clients–and gets them
 3 or 4 more from each client every year thereafter.

 Now you can learn the same process the mega-producers use and increase your sales and your income by 200, 300, even 400% in only 12 to 18 months.

 Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals (John Wiley and Sons, 2007)
 reveals the process used by 47 true million dollar a year income sales superstars to create their tremendous volume of
 business.  These men and women come from across the US and Canada.  They come from all segments of the financial
 services industry, high tech, manufacturing, real estate, mortgage, executive recruiting, and many others.

 But all are in relationship driven industries.  All are responsible for their own prospecting and marketing.  And all started
 their careers at the bottom of the pile. 

Chris Tobbe, Thomasville of Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, FL:
 “We have bought copies for all the salespeople in our four
  stores.  It is the basis of our current sales training.  Great
  book that fits perfectly with our sales process.”

 They learned that cold calling wasn’t going to make them the income they wanted.  They discovered that direct mail and
 advertising was far too expensive.  They found that networking was too slow and too unpredictable.  The learned that
 they had to have a more efficient, cost effective and productive prospect generation method than their competitors.

Why is Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income recognized as
THE authoritative work on referral selling?

 Because the PWWR Referral Generation System detailed in the book is the system these mega-producers use and the
 system you can use also.

Rene Castro, United Financial Services, Upland, CA:
“I’ve bought 15 copies and will be buying more for my
  associates.  Tremendous book.  I and my sales team are
  working through it together. Congratulations on writing
  such an amazing book.”

 If you want to grow your business the way the superstars in sales grew theirs, learn and implement their system.

 Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million and all fine bookstores.

Audio Book Version Just Released

  Do you prefer audio books instead of the hardcopy?  Well, the audio version of Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales
  Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals has just been released by my audio publisher, Gildan Media.

  The audio book is unabridged, so you get the full book in only 4 hours and 18 minutes. 

  Although the CD version won’t be in bookstores until later this year, you can download the book at or iTunes.

  Here’s the link to purchase the audio book download from Audible.

  By the way, although the audio version just came out, it is already the #3 best-selling book in Audible’s Business/Sales
  catagory and is the #1 best-selling new release in its catagory.


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