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Most of us in sales are working for ourselves. Even if we are W-2 employees of a company, we are still very much self-employed. Our incomes are based on what we do. Our time is for the most part ours to control. We are the masters of our success or failure.
Because of the “Lone Ranger” nature of selling, many salespeople try to make it on their own. They try to self-train, self-coach, self-manage. Most simply self-destruct.

Many, if not most, companies view their sales team members in much the same way. They provide them with a great deal of product training and little or no sales training. They’re anxious to help them learn the features and benefits of the products or services they sell, but have little interest in helping them learn how to effectively prospect and sell

Consequently, most salespeople are in essence self-trained. They’ve read some books; maybe they’ve attended some seminars and listened to some CD’s. Their training has been haphazard. There’s been no structure. There are probably huge gaps in their training. Worse, most are simply mimicking what everyone else is doing–and getting the same pathetic results. In fact, over 40% of all people who enter sales fail and are out of sales within 24 months. Another 45% never earn more than just an average or slightly above average income for their industry. Only 15% of all salespeople earn a superior income for the industry they sell in.

Coaching Can Cure What Ails You
Just as in athletics, a coach can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you address the specific issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals. A coach can provide the needed encouragement, discipline, training, insight, and guidance that you cannot get from any other source–yourself, your spouse, or your manager.

Selecting a coach requires you to do some research. There are a ton of coaches in the marketplace. How do you choose the one right for you?

Look for a coach that:

* Has been where you’re at. Look for a coach that has significant, successful sales and management experience

* Knows your issues. Look for a coach that understands your sales process. If you’re sale is relationship based, look for a coach who has significant relationship based sales experience. If you’re in inside sales, look for a coach with significant inside sales experience.

* Has managed in your type of sale. Look for a coach that has managed in a sale such as yours. You want a coach who not only understands your sale but who understands your manager’s thinking also.

* Isn’t a mulit-coach. There are coaches in the market that claim to be sales and management coaches, love coaches, money coaches, life coaches, and a coach for anything and everything. If their name doesn’t start with a “J” and they can walk on water, they’re not the expert you want.

* You “click” with. It is important that you and your coach “connect.” You must have a coach that you respect and that you’re comfortable with.

Why Hire Me?
If yours is a relationship based sale, I’ve been where you’re at. I’ve sold and managed sales teams in business to consumer and business to business sales. I’ve suffered the same failure and the same successes you’ve had. I had to fight through the rejection: I’ve had to work my tail off to find and connect with prospects; I’ve had to fight stiff competition; I’ve had to out-think and out-work my competitors.

Not only do I understand where you’re at, I’ve been where you want to go. I’ve had tremendous success and have learned how to get to the top in sales.

Whether you’re an individual salesperson looking for one-on-one coaching or you have a sales team that needs group coaching, pick up the phone and give me a call right now and let’s see where coaching can take you.

Investing in your success is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family, your company. And best of all, when you invest in coaching, you’re investing in a process that ultimately doesn’t cost, it more than pays for itself with increased sales and increased income.

Group Coaching
Do you have a small sales team or a few team members in need of coaching but you’re on a tight budget? Not a problem.  We can arrange group coaching with up to 10 sellers in a group as long as all sellers are selling the same products/services into the same markets. Group coaching can be as effective as individual coaching and save up to 60% of individual coaching costs.

Give me a call right now at 281-216-6845. You future depends upon what you do today.

Don’t know if coaching is right for you or if Paul is the right coach?

You don’t have to commit to three, six or twelve months of coaching just to discover coaching is right for you or Paul isn’t the coach for you.

Paul has developed an introductory package that allows you to experience 3 full hours of individual or group coaching at only a small fraction of the normal monthly charge. Really find out if coaching is right for you before you invest serious money.

Hop over here to see what you get for your small trial investment


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  1. Dear Mr. McCord,

    Thank you for your thorough and insightful post.
    Coaching people in the current business climate is a challenge. Many sales people (I manage 100 of them) are in what I call “survival mode”, which can be
    stressful and hurt productivity.
    To counter some of the cynicism going around, I have traded up in my tools for performance recognition. I keep a long list of inspiring, energizing quotes from myriad sources, and when it’s time to recognize someone’s hard work, I use the new Design Your Inspiration customizable, personalizable framed art photo prints. These are always tremendously well-received, and an enduring reminder of excellence. ( ) It’s a smart, meaningful way to keep morale up. Thanks again. Jim

    Comment by Jim Mac — February 8, 2010 @ 11:29 am | Reply

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