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SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales SuperStar

Release  Date Late February 2008
Now Available for Prerelease Purchase on Amazon

  Do you want to know the secret of becoming a superstar in selling?  It really isn’t that complicated.  It certainly isn’t a secret. 

  If you want to become a top producer you must do what the top producers have done–create a solid foundation on which to build your career.  You must do what Roger Staubach call the “unspectacular preparation” in order to have the spectacular performance on the field. 

  SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales SuperStar is a detailed, step-by-step guide to building the foundation, of doing the ‘unspectacular preparation’ that will result in spectacular performance.

Dave Anderson, the New York Times Bestselling author of How to Deal With Difficult Customers says
Paul McCord has written the most complete sales bible for aspiring sales superstars I’ve ever read!  His 12 Keys will become your “Ten Commandments” to both a far more profitable career and fulfilling life!”

  Table of Contents:

  Introduction:  Can You Learn to be a SuperStar?

  Key 1:  Your Sales History.  You Have to Know Where You’ve Been to Know Where You Want to Go

  Key 2:  Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  Key 3:  Committing to Your Career:  What are You Willing to Invest?

  Key 4:  Finding Your Place in the Marketplace

  Key 5:  Aligning Your Strengths to Your Marketing Methods

  Key 6:  Making Realistic Sales and Income Projections and Goals

  Key 7:  Finding Your Sales Process

  Key 8:  Developing a Communication Campaign that Advances Your Cause

  Key 9:  Developing the Skills You Need:  Finding the Right Training

  Key 10:  Turning Plans into Reality:  Turning Giant Steps into Small Steps

  Key 11:  Accountability:  Finding Your Coach or Mentor

  Key 12:  The Sales SuperStar Mindset

  Key 13:  For Sales Managers, Companies and Meeting Planners

  No matter what you sell.  No matter whether you’re new to sales or are an experienced salesperson who hasn’t developed the sales business you want, this book will change your career.  If you implement the 12 keys and implement them correctly, you WILL become a top producer because you’ll be doing exactly what top producers do; and if you do what they do and do it well, you’ll reach the top.

Dr. Martin Russell of says:
“If you’re still dreaming of becoming a sales superstar, or simply need to *finally* make a decent living, then this book will meet you where you are today, and show you the steps.  No vague fluff.  No impractical methods.  Just training of the highest order. Paul’s a ‘Dr Phil’ for no-nonsense sales training.”

  No fluff.  No magic.  No get rich quick promises.  Just the reality of creating a top producer sales business.

  If you’re serious about your career, this book will change your career.  If you’re not willing to work.  If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort required to create the career you want–save your money, this book isn’t for you.

Jonathan Farrington, Chairman, The Sales Practitioners Group says:
“Paul McCord’s latest book is without doubt one of the finest ever written on the subject and amply demonstrates the author’s grasp of the subject: Paul has once again illustrated his understanding of just what it takes to make it to the very top in selling by providing an easy to follow route map, in a language that is easy to comprehend.  In my view, this book should be in the top desk drawer of every professional salesman and woman, so that it can be read and re-read over and over again. The nuggets of wisdom are motivational, guiding and wholly relevant.”

Available for prerelease purchase at Amazon.  Purchase your copy HERE


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